The cancer patient helping others like him find work

The cancer patient helping others like him find work

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David Shutts undergoing chemotherapy David Shutts was a high-achiever – a naval commander who became a champion of British business – until he was diagnosed with cancer. Quickly he discovered employers had little use for him, and the crushing blow set him thinking about a way the talents of people with chronic illnesses could be harnessed.

It began as a niggling back pain. Not enough to trouble the doctor with and easy to dismiss as wear and tear or a pulled muscle, so David Shutts ploughed on as usual, meeting the deadlines that kept coming and pursuing an active social life. But it didn’t go away, and in two years the pain became constant, accompanied by unexplained weight loss and night sweats that saw him wake every morning in a pool of perspiration.

"I’m a bloke," he says, explaining why it took him so long to get checked out.

"I just carried […]

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