How the world needs to change as regions get drier

How the world needs to change as regions get drier

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Some homes in Cape Town are now harvesting rainwater from their roofs. Water is likely to become scarcer in northern and south west Africa. This is partly due to changes in weather patterns. In addition populations are increasing. Already water supply is becoming a serious concern, especially in drought-prone areas such as northern Namibia.

The University of Cape Town is working with partner organisations in southern, west and east Africa as well as India to investigate how to adapt to climate change in semi-arid regions. In examining various approaches that have already been tried , we identified four types of changes that can be made to adapt to water scarcity. These are: introducing new practices or technologies, such as wastewater reuse;

doing more of what we’re already doing, for example installing rainwater tanks at people’s homes.

changing the way water is governed, for example integrated watershed management and […]

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