Mad for MADI, the folding wooden prefab A-Frame

Mad for MADI, the folding wooden prefab A-Frame

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This brilliant design brings the A-frame into the 21st century

A-frame structures were hugely popular in the fifties and sixties; I have noted earlier that "They were easy to build, incredibly efficient in their use of materials, and they were almost all roof, and nothing is cheaper than shingles." They fell out of fashion because the spaces were awkward, but there is nothing stronger than a triangle. © MADI model at Milan Furniture Fair But they may be back with a vengeance thanks to Renato Vidal and his totally brilliant design for a folding modular living unit. The M.A.D.I , short for modulo abitativo dispiegabile or unfordable housing module. Not only is it prefab and mobile, but it is made of our favorite material, Cross Laminated Timber. It is shipped not quite as a flatpack, but with all of its panels hinged together. One then connects a crane to […]

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