Links of the Quarter — December 2017

Links of the Quarter — December 2017

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New Yorker cover by R Kikuo Johnson A dark time for me, finding myself absurdly triggered by completely ordinary events, and aware of the impossibility of letting go of my anxious, fear-driven, hypersensitive, reactive, stress-riddled self. Meanwhile, day to day events in the echelons of power get more and more surreal and alarming, and I can’t quite get myself to turn off the non-local ‘news’ completely; for no good reason, I just have to ‘know’. To know this is my biologically and culturally entrained self just doing the only thing it can do brings me no comfort. Not depressed about all of this; just drowning in the cognitive dissonance.

Feeling like a canary in the mineshaft, and something does not smell right.

PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S COLLAPSE Christmas card “José y Maria” by cartoonist Everett Patterson. Thanks to Dave Bonta for the link. When There Is No Insurance Any More: The […]

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