Holiday Vacation Exit Strategy: How To Take A Break

Holiday Vacation Exit Strategy: How To Take A Break

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The holidays are almost here. It should be a time where nonprofits and their hard working employees welcome some much needed downtime. Vu Lee in a recent guest post on the Guidestar blog has issued a call to inaction suggesting that nonprofits should give the week off to staff.

He offers some good reasons why: making up for working long hours all year; compensate for low pay; improve morale; and boost individuals’ resilience and productivity. He also acknowledges that there are other considerations such those organizations that provide direct services and being a busy time of year for fundraisers.

Joan Garry also talks about the importance of time off for hard working nonprofit staff or else it is the express train to burnout.

In the Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout , Aliza Sherman and I did a deep dive into the research literature about the proven links between […]

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