Hacking the human biofield

Hacking the human biofield

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Nature invests in the continuance of the species by programming us to procreate—to have sex. As enjoyable as that may be, many of us are equally interested in our longevity, which is of little use to nature. Once our reproductive years are over, as we enter into our 40s, human growth hormone production and free-radical scavenging systems begin to wind down and we start to decline, with all the consequences that entail.

Shamans of old knew how to hack into nature’s programming to get their health span to equal their lifespan, and free their consciousness from their biology. Through One Spirit Medicine, they found they could switch off the “death clock” inside each cell and turn on the “immortality genes” hidden deep within DNA.

Diet was key to their good health and longevity. Primarily horticulturalists, they ate nuts, fruit and the occasional animal that had been killed by others. Their diet […]

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