Farthest monster black hole found

Farthest monster black hole found

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Quasars are some of the brightest objects in the Universe Astronomers have discovered the most distant "supermassive" black hole known to science.

The matter-munching sinkhole is a whopping 13 billion light-years away, so far that we see it as it was a mere 690 million years after the Big Bang.

But at about 800 million times the mass of our Sun, it managed to grow to a surprisingly large size such a short time after the origin of the Universe.

The find is described in the journal Nature .This relic from the early Universe is busily devouring material at the centre of a galaxy – marking it out as a so-called quasar.Matter, such as gas, falling onto the black hole will form an ultra-hot mass of material around it known as an accretion disk."Quasars are among the brightest and most distant known celestial objects and are crucial to understanding the early Universe," […]

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