The Power of Art: Woman Overjoyed to Use Touch to ‘See’ Painting

The Power of Art: Woman Overjoyed to Use Touch to ‘See’ Painting

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An art-loving woman with restricted sight was overjoyed to use touch to ‘see’ a painting by a Saatchi-shortlisted Dorset artist at a conservation charity’s auction at the Cutty Sark in London.

Disability is not inability. In a cultural context, the essence of the statement is to express that people living with disabilities have the same rights and should access the same opportunities as their able bodied counterparts in the enjoyment of the creative and cultural life of their communities.

Art and culture are convenient enablers of social capital, vis a vis , the quest to foster social integration using a people’s language and cultural values. Sustainable community integration should be all inclusive and thus the active participation of people living with disabilities is paramount.

The story of Sandi Johnson has reignited conversations on how creators and distributors of cultural content can play an active role in facilitating the participation of the visually […]

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