Here Is Guy Fieri’s Cure for Camera Shyness

Here Is Guy Fieri's Cure for Camera Shyness

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You learn a thing or two along the journey of turning your small family restaurant into a multi-million dollar global empire — and you do it while hosting every other show on Food Network at the same time.

Armed with know-how, knives and one of the most distinctive hairstyles in human history, Guy Fieri has ruled the airwaves and the taste buds of Americans looking to get their eat on. And now on Guy’s Big Project (premiering Nov. 5 at 9 on Food Network) he’s decided to take all of the knowledge he’s amassed and mentor a group of folks vying for the chance to host a brand new chow-and-travel show.

Entrepreneur caught up with the wild man to talk about what it takes to make the leap from a dreamer to a doer, and how to beat camera shyness into submission.

What are we going to see on Guy’s […]

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