Believing You’re Capable Demands Doubting Yourself

Believing You're Capable Demands Doubting Yourself

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Believing in your potential to succeed is vital. You have to believe in your ability — believe you’re capable — in order to win.

But you also need to believe you can fail, and you have to allow your actions to be governed by that.

Talking to entrepreneurs each day, I’ve found the biggest internal crisis comes from what they see as a lack of belief. When business suffers, customers don’t materialize or strategies fail, people often lose faith in themselves, question their mission and therefore give up. In short, they doubt.

Here’s a secret: It’s almost never a lack of faith that will sink you. It’s a lack of doubt. More importantly, it’s a lack of understanding of what faith and belief really are, to the point where you don’t honor your doubts enough to embrace them.You need to have faith, and part of that faith is serving yourself a shovelful […]

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