7 Lessons from This Year’s Oscar Nominated Movies

7 Lessons from This Year's Oscar Nominated Movies

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Entrepreneurs have hard days. But even in your worst hour, you likely haven’t been left for dead or abandoned on Mars. Characters in this year’s crop of Oscar nominated films faced these challenges and more and teach us a range of lessons about staying calm, taking challenges one at a time and not letting anyone else’s doubts hold us back. Take a look at the lessons anyone can learn from this year’s nominees. Let their stories lend you inspiration — and comfort. From Joy: Don’t let them define you.

In Joy , Jennifer Lawrence portrays Joy Mangano, a single mom pushing to bring her invention — the Miracle Mop — to market. She’s underestimated by everyone: her family, manufacturers and eventually even executives at QVC. But her resolve never weakens and she doesn’t take no for an answer. It’s that resistance to letting others define her that helps her […]

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