6 Things You Need To Do Before Activating Your “Out of Office”

6 Things You Need To Do Before Activating Your "Out of Office"

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Whether you are traveling for the holidays or taking a break from the world for a weekend, we all need time off . But sometimes the stress of preparing to go on vacation — and the fear that everything is going to fall apart while you’re away — can make you think that it isn’t worth all the trouble.

Don’t let it!

Here are six tips to help you set yourself up for a stress-free break in the action. 1. Know what needs to happen

Forget “to-do” lists. Instead, make ten "needs to happen" notes. What is absolutely necessary for you to accomplish before you take your time off? And honestly, what can wait till you return? Once you look at it that way, your perspective will change. 2. Pick a slow time to take off Most businesses have a slower time of year when you can feel less […]

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