23 Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Live By

23 Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Live By

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The only thing I used to know about Confucius was that he gave great quotes. If it weren’t for my brief Wikipedia search this morning, that’s all I ever would have known.

But his name is still discussed and revered thousands of years after his death (as shown in this example from National Geographic ), even though most of us don’t know squat about his life. Why? Because of his statements; great quotes have power.

Finding the right quote can uplift, focus and encourage us. It can distill, in just a few words, an idea that we have had trouble expressing. Great quotes are also easily recalled, helping us instantly remember why we dream, work and dare to be great.

In our offices we have a quote wall. It provides inspiration to us every day. In fact, quotes can be found scattered across our firm’s website as well. I personally believe there […]

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