How to decorate your Christmas tree with found objects

How to decorate your Christmas tree with found objects

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From baubles and pompoms to cookies and cutters, avoid the waste of new stuff with these quick and quirky DIY ornaments.

Where is it written that one must go to the store and buy a suite of ornaments to outfit the holiday tree? This Christmas-tree-hugger says resist! You might very well have everything already on hand to create a fun and festive display. The rewards are many: A unique tree, a new tradition, less money spent and less waste all around. Scour the house and outdoors, make it personal, have fun. Some of these may require a small amount of DIY, but other than that, get some ribbon, string, or ornament hooks and ta-da! Instant fa la la. Borrow from your hobby or a collection

Shown here is a collection of dinosaur origami; but anything could work. Dolls, sea shells, felt creatures, vintage photographs, souvenir spoons … the possibilities […]

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