How to Avoid Drama at the Family Holiday Table

How to Avoid Drama at the Family Holiday Table

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Holiday season is upon us and for some of us, that means the dreaded comments that seem to follow us into whatever room we go. “We have to be politically correct now, we have a snowflake amongst us.” “All lives matter.” “I don’t see color.” “I stand for the flag because I love this country.” “I’m just going by what the Bible says.” “No one speaks English anymore.”

Holidays with the family. They sometimes make you want to punch a hole in a wall or drink too much eggnog and take a nap.

For many of us who are committed and passionate about social justice issues, family gatherings can literally become battlefields. What should we do/say when we hear comments from family members that we perceive as horrifyingly opposed to our values? If we don’t confront those statements, are we complicit? If we do and it turns into a blow-out, are […]

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