The Most Crowded Places in India

The Most Crowded Places in India

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What is the first sight that greets a visitor upon arriving in India? Crowds! Crowds everywhere. The enormous size of the country, coupled with its teeming millions, can indeed be intimidating. However, there are certain places in India which seem to burst at the seams. If one were unaware of the almost magical way in which an order exists amid this apparent disorder, one could simply dismiss this enormous congregation of humans as a chaotic mess.

Attend a festival, or visit a shopping center in one of the cities around the country, and you would think that the entire city seemed to have spilled on the streets. These are occasions when landing your next step is as challenging an endeavor as turning your head, left to right or vice-versa. The question here arises, why would you want to plant yourself amidst the maddening crowds? Well, if for no other reason, […]

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