Literary Ghosts and Lobster Rolls (Hold the Mayo)

Literary Ghosts and Lobster Rolls (Hold the Mayo)

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Sunset at Compo Beach, Conn., provides a tranquil and contemplative setting for a winter stroll. Just a five-minute walk from the Westport train station, a warm Connecticut-style lobster roll is available, dressed in butter, and not much else. Perhaps a little salt, a hit of lemon.

“Only through travel up and down the New England coast, I’ve found people shamefully putting on mayonnaise,” said Matt Storch, 40, a Westport native. In September, the chef opened Match Burger Lobster , at 580 Riverside Avenue. His kitchen crew shucks more than 500 pounds of lobster weekly, shipped live from Maine and also sourced from the Long Island Sound, kept cold (not frozen) and submerged in tanks until their time is up. A lobster roll at Match Burger Lobster in Westport, Conn. “Lobster tastes better in the winter, definitely gets sweeter in colder water,” Mr. Storch said, contrary to the popular assumption that […]

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