Hue – Discovering A Slice of China in Vietnam

Hue – Discovering A Slice of China in Vietnam

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I had only seen the bright red murals, walls and series of dragons with many heads with intimidating large heads only in pictures, and its closely replicated forms in some Chinese restaurants that I had visited. But here I was, standing in front of one of the large dragons that flanked the stairs in Hue (pronounced Hu-way), Vietnam, and I was sure of only one thing – That these imperial characteristics looked beautiful in person, and uniquely mystic.

After witnessing the various versions of this country called Vietnam, I was in Hue in central Vietnam, which was recovering from the effects of a storm that flooded Hue’s neighbours including Danang, Nha Trang and Hoi An. Hue – The Imperial Capital City of Vietnam

Hue was the capital of the imperial Nguyen dynasty, that last ruling kingdom of Vietnam for 143 years. The Nguyen empire has its roots in China, […]

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