American Pilots Will Be Making Bank This Holiday Season

American Pilots Will Be Making Bank This Holiday Season

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A few days ago I posted about how a computer glitch at American caused 15,000 flights over the holidays to be scheduled without pilots . This impacted flights between December 17 and 31, 2017, where apparently pilots were able to “trade” off holiday trips, even without having found replacements (understandably most pilots don’t want to work over the holidays if they can avoid it, so when pilots had the opportunity to trade off trips, they did).

American’s solution was to offer 50% overtime pay to any pilots who pick up a trip over the impacted period, which the union wasn’t happy with, since they weren’t consulted about it. Not surprisingly, this got a ton of media attention. The following morning American put out a press release claiming that “only a few hundred [flights] are currently unassigned to pilots.” That sure makes you wonder. Did they really manage to go from […]

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