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Watch 1,000 Gallons Of Water Just Disappear Like That

Watch 1,000 Gallons Of Water Just Disappear Like That

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This could be the calm after the storm.

A new type of concrete system can drain 1,056 gallons of water a minute , an innovation that could be integral after a storm since it can reduce the risk of flash flooding and other serious consequences.

Developed in the U.K., Topmix Permeable was formed in response to the 2007 floods where more than two thirds of the 57,000 damaged homes weren’t flooded by swollen rivers. Rather, they were affected by water running off pavement or overflowing from the overloaded drainage systems.

The issue is that the majority of existing drainage systems are designed to remove rainwater as quickly as possible and funnel it into watercourses or drains. As a result, during heavy rainfall, public sewer systems quickly reach capacity and consequently overflow.To offset the flooding issue, the permeable concrete functions as a reservoir, and delays storm water from discharging into watercourses or drainages […]

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