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Sadly, here’s another reason not to eat cookie dough

Sadly, here's another reason not to eat cookie dough

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First it was raw eggs, now it’s raw flour.

My task this evening is to bake 7 dozen thimble cookies for a Christmas cookie exchange I’m attending this weekend. It’ll take a while, mixing the dough, shaping little balls, rolling in shredded coconut, poking a hole in the middle, filling the baked cookies with a spoonful of homemade jam. But the end result is so worth it — a decadent, buttery cookie that melts in the mouth with pleasing crunch and sweetness. Thimble cookies (a.k.a. thumbprint cookies) are my Christmas staple, requested by family and friends year after year.

But now, I’ve discovered a disturbing fact. Because the dough contains flour, I can no longer munch happily on it as I’m shaping. (I used to do this because the dough has no raw egg in it. It only comes into contact with egg when it’s rolled in beaten whites to […]

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