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Passive House isn’t just for buildings; it works for boats too

Passive House isn't just for buildings; it works for boats too

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© Igloo Sailworks/ there’s a passive house on that boat TreeHugger recently noted that Fridtjof Nansen was a pioneer of Passive House, the design philosophy that keeps you warm and comfy buy using lots of insulation and being really careful about air tightness and ventilation. His boat, the Fram, is considered “the first fully functioning Passive House.” Half the #energy consumed in Europe is used for building heating. The cabin of Nanuq is built to the passive house’s principles, which by its design makes the use of a heating system almost needless. As a testing laboratory, Nanuq crew chose an #Arctic #winter .
Credit : Peter G. — PolarQuest2018 (@Polarquest2018) November 29, 2017 But it certainly isn’t the last boat to be a functioning Passive House; In July 2018 the Nanuq will go on the Polar Quest, "looking for answers to one of the greatest challenges of our time, […]

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