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Paperless Offices: A Look at Successes and Challenges

Paperless Offices: A Look at Successes and Challenges

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By Anna Johansson

The concept of a paperless office isn’t a new one; the term started circulating in the early 1980s . But even today, more than 30 years later, companies are finding it hard to transition to a model that allows them to function completely without paper. Despite our thriving digital environments, which include online communications, unlimited information, and now, cloud storage, there are significant obstacles to adopting total “paperlessness.”

Here is a look at three companies that have already done it.

Decos Decos is a paperless company founded in the Netherlands. Its efforts are currently saving about 16 trees’ worth of paper every year, but employees found it difficult to transition right away. They started by getting rid of trash cans, which made it harder to get rid of paper, and therefore made paper less disposable. Then, it made printing more difficult—rather than abolishing it altogether—by relocating […]

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