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Myths and Magic of Decluttering

Myths and Magic of Decluttering

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Have you tried decluttering ? Judging from all of the media attention this topic has received, you probably have. Were you satisfied with the results? Did it work as advertised? Did it change your life as much as you hoped it would?

Learn how to achieve better results. Explore with me the myths and magic of decluttering.

To take advantage of the power of decluttering, we must recognize its place in a formula for a good life. Take a look at the infographic: First, notice the concentric circles: Decluttering falls within Minimalism , which, in turn, falls within Simple Living .

The next thing to notice is that Simple Living alone does not “add up” to a Good Life . In the formula for living a good life, the other addend is Focus on What’s Important . The myth about decluttering, the one often put forth by […]

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