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Let’s Not Go with the Flow

Let’s Not Go with the Flow

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“World Soil Day” was on 5th of December. But many of us are unaware about the significance of this day. As an environmental science student, I often read about lithosphere where soil is the main component. World Soil day of 2017 was celebrated globally and the aim was to spread message on the importance of soil quality .

We have always ignored to do out part of taking proper care of soil. To many of us, soil is just that sticky brown stuff we walk on everyday. But soil is much more than that! Fitz Patrick (1978) a pedologist from UK defined soil as: “Soil or pedosphere is composed of mineral matter, organisms, water and air, and is regarded as a mixture of the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.”

There are four major components of soil. These are mineral matter, organic matter, water and air. By volume their amount of […]

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