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How to Make Sure Your Home Has Good Water Quality

How to Make Sure Your Home Has Good Water Quality

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Of all the needs we have, none is more important than the availability of clean, safe water we can drink to sustain our lives. We take it for granted until we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have it. For most of us, that might just mean an hour or so before we get back to our car from a summer hike. It’s not that we didn’t have water — we just forgot to bring enough.

As far as the water we drink from our homes, we just assume it is safe and that it will never run out. While this is probably true, there are unfortunate exceptions. Communities have been placed under boil advisories when water pipes failed. Others have had their entire supply contaminated by lead poisoning.

How do you know your water is safe? If it is from a municipal water supply, it will most likely […]

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