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How CSR Is Driving Purposeful Food Sales To Record Levels

How CSR Is Driving Purposeful Food Sales To Record Levels

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The traditional food and beverage industry is in crisis. Pop, fizz, drink … WEIGHT GAIN is now a growing consumer belief. This shift in consumer perception has driven soda sales to a 30-year low . Traditional food and beverage brands have lost the mainstream consumer’s trust. Seventy-five percent of consumers believe food manufacturers are more focused on profits than human health .

This massive mistrust of mass-marketed foods is pushing consumers to abandon old buying habits. Increasingly, consumers are buying foods and beverages that are outside of mainstream food brands . Mass-marketed food brands now confront tepid sales growth. The sale of natural foods are achieving double annual sales growth.

The business question is: Will food brands realign with customer concerns, or will this industry continue to deliver food that taste greats, costs less, and is destructive to humans, animals and the environment? Food brands are losing trust and market share


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