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Automakers Rev Up Recycling and Sustainability Efforts

Automakers Rev Up Recycling and Sustainability Efforts

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By Charles Krome

The auto industry is inextricably linked to both the environment and the economy. And how the industry handles ecological concerns today is guaranteed to have a corresponding impact on society tomorrow.

While that may seem obvious, people don’t always stop to think about how deep the connection goes. It’s no longer just fuel economy and emissions rates that matter, as multiple stakeholders are working to develop a sustainable, yet profitable automotive marketplace.

When considering the ecological and economic impacts of the auto industry, we can look at a lot of fresh material — in every sense of the word. Materials to reduce weight Although this topic goes far beyond fuel-economy issues, that’s still the ideal place to start. For example, an increasing number of automakers are investigating the use of lighter materials to reduce the overall weight of vehicles, which is one of the top factors in fuel […]

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