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Are recipes really dead? I don’t think so.

Are recipes really dead? I don't think so.

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Chef Tyler Florence thinks smartphone-based "micro-cooking content" is the way of the future, but I think cookbooks will always have their place.

Chef Tyler Florence has given up on cookbooks. Despite having published nearly one cookbook a year over the past decade, Florence believes that attitudes toward cooking have shifted so significantly that cookbooks are no longer relevant. Instead, the future lies in apps providing "micro-cooking content." (We can’t call them recipes.)

An article in the Washington Post called " ‘Recipes are dead’: What the future of cooking might look like " reveals that Florence has signed on to what he calls "the kitchen equivalent of GPS," a startup called Innit that’s building a "connected food platform." It will be a way to create customized menu plans: "First, you input some basic information — whether you’re allergic to shellfish or on the Paleo Diet. Then you pick a style of […]

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