X-Men: Dark Phoenix Writers Say They’re Working to Fix What Went Wrong With Apocalypse

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Writers Say They're Working to Fix What Went Wrong With Apocalypse

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2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse has been considered something of a disappointment for the 20th Century Fox franchise, coming after several successes. The film, which netted unusually low critical scores (under 50% on RottenTomatoes) and general fan dissatisfaction, was criticized on a number of levels, including its visuals and general “been-there-done-that” nature of global jeopardy at the hands of a powerful supervillain. Hardcore fans of the X-Men franchise were especially disappointed at the treatment of Oscar Isaac ’s Apocalypse, who fronted several classic comic storylines in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The film did bring in decent worldwide box office at $543 million, but that was still a 27 percent drop from the gross of the better-received X-Men: Days of Future Past .

But it’s still interesting to see that the film’s detractors now include its own writer and producer, Simon Kinberg, who is also writing 2018’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix . In an […]

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