The Indian Doctor, on Acorn TV, Is So Damn Charming You Can’t Look Away

The Indian Doctor, on Acorn TV, Is So Damn Charming You Can't Look Away

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Some shows hook you because they have amazing plots or characters who are uniquely psychologically complex—so much so that you’re willing to forgive all kinds of missteps because you get so invested in the story ( Game of Thrones ). Sometimes they get you because they capture a moment in time or space so perfectly that you’re reeled back into your childhood or because they’re produced so beautifully that they dazzle you visually. Sometimes, it’s that Zeitgeist thing we keep coming back to, and a show seems to have something vital to say about the historical moment we’re experiencing.

And sometimes the you’re dazed into submission by pure charm.

Welcome, The Indian Doctor , you charming bastard.

Set in the 1960s in a Welsh mining town, Deep Sehgal and Tim Whitby’s quirk-tastic historical drama (now available to North American viewers from Acorn TV, after airing on the BBC from 2010 to 2013) […]

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