The 10 Best Singing Drummers in Rock History

The 10 Best Singing Drummers in Rock History

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A couple weeks ago, we brought you our rankings of the 10 Best Bassists in Rock History , as a way to show a little love for some of the less-recognized instrumentalists who helped elevate their bands to superstardom. Of course, bassists are practically movie stars compared to drummers. The essential element in any rock ‘n’ roll band, the drummer is typically relegated to the rear, consigned to keep the pace while driving the music forward and earning the spotlight only for the occasional—and increasingly rare—solo.

A select few drummers, though, haven’t been content to merely bask in the beat. No, they want to sing! Singing lead and playing drums simultaneously is one of the great feats in popular music, the province of an elite batch of musicians who can carry both the lead and rhythm of a band, even if no one in the crowd can see them doing […]

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