Five Entertaining Rip-offs of the Original Star Wars

Five Entertaining Rip-offs of the Original Star Wars

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Forty years after George Lucas ’ plucky sci-fi/kids’ fantasy flick (that 20th Century Fox initially had no faith in whatsoever) broke all manner of box-office records and pretty much minted the term “blockbuster” on its own, the Star Wars franchise remains a cultural juggernaut. Now that Episode VIII has rocked the box office, again, and its director Rian Johnson has signed on to deliver a brand new trilogy over the next decade, we will all be dead and gone before this thing even begins to wrap up. In fact, after the nuclear apocalypse disintegrates almost all life on the planet (which might happen sooner than we think, thanks to Jabba the Hutt’s orange cousin), I fully expect the remaining cockroaches to get into bitter bidding wars for the rights to produce an all-roach reboot of the original trilogy.

But before we ponder the future too much, let me take you […]

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