“Danke schoen, darling…”: Introducing a Teen to the Teen Canon of the 1980s

"Danke schoen, darling...": Introducing a Teen to the Teen Canon of the 1980s

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Share Tweet Submit Pin There was a certain need for damage control after Weird Science almost ruined Grace’s life. I mean, how could I live with myself knowing I’d trashed the ’80s for her after we’d had such a good run? John Hughes had shown his dark side, and the kid had developed reservations about Anthony Michael Hall. When that happens, what gets you back on the farm?

Anyone? Anyone?

Grace has a high tolerance for violence and adult content but what she can’t handle at all is people embarrassing themselves or getting caught in flagrante doing something stupid. So I knew Ferris Bueller’s Day Off would have her in an anxiety-pretzel the minute Matthew Broderick talked Alan Ruck into stealing his asshole dad’s car. On the other hand, Hughes was pretty much at his funniest and Broderick was at optimum Cute in that movie. And it was pleasantly driven by […]

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