Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book: Origins Now Has a Marginally Better Title

Andy Serkis' Jungle Book: Origins Now Has a Marginally Better Title

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In its neverending quest to do everything Disney does, only noticeably worse, Warner Bros. Pictures has been working on a Jungle Book adaptation for the past few years. And instead of titling it something normal or reasonable, say, The Jungle Book , Warner Bros. has opted for a … different approach.

Directed by Andy Serkis , Warner Bros.’ new adaptation was originally titled Jungle Book: Origins , which is an unimaginably stupid title. News today has rolled in via Variety that the studio has upgraded to the only-somewhat-better Mowgli .

Like several other high-profile Warner Bros. franchises, Mowgli seems to be less about any individual vision and more about reacting to market trends. Disney had Idris Elba as Shere Khan in its adaptation? We’ll have Benedict Cumberbatch . Disney got Scarlett Johanssen to play Kaa? We’ll get Cate Blanchett. Disney made almost a billion dollars off its adaptation? We’ll make less, […]

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